The Coffee Cat’s Out of the Bag

by angela readman

Yesterday they announced the short list of the Costa Short Story Award. Hurrah! When I found out I had a story on it I was gob smacked. I sat still. I looked away from my computer, then checked again to see if I’d read it wrong. It just didn’t seem possible. It brought a tear to my eye, then I laughed. It was just such a joy, a shock, a boost. It was one of those moments writers need, one that keeps you writing, makes the work worth it, reassures.

Then came the waiting, holding it in. I had to keep away from blogs and twitter (in case I saw anyone discussing the stories and burst.) Now the cat’s out of the bag. Phew! I’m honoured, stunned and amazed to have made it to the short list with so many wonderful writers. Congratulations to everyone short listed and to the winners on Tuesday. I hope you experienced as much encouragement from it as I did. It’s great that Costa supports the short story (thank you.). It’s particularly wonderful to see a mixture of both published and unpublished writers on this list. I hope this inspires writers quietly typing at home. You’re not wasting your time. Try. You may be surprised. The story is alive and well.